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About us

Developed under the spectrum of an emerging economy, our company is sustaining activities in three different fields: supplying in-store communication products, furniture and various other infrastructure elements; production of standard and custom made plastic displays; import and supplying of corporate identity clothing and promotional items. Supplying in-store communication products remains our core business, a niche where we are market leader in our home country - Romania. Currently, our offer is based on a collection of 15000 items, from which over 1000 are produced in-house, the rest of them being imported from our traditional partners from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, USA, Canada or Japan. All these items are to be found in our ARTMATCH - Sales Manager catalog, now already at its 6th edition.
On the metallic furniture field we are working with producers from German, Italy and Turkey. Our mounting teams are specialized in working in big heights, in order to implement suspended in-store displays. The same teams are mounting the shelving and customer guidance where needed. Our second field of activity - production, came naturally. The customized displays that we produce are complementary to the standard products range, answering to the more and more complex needs of the retailers. Producing them in-house, we have the chance to control the costs 100%, great advantage that is, of course, transmitted to our customers. Import and distribution of promotional materials are a constant in our activity ever since the foundation of ARTMATCH. The market evolution and the expertise that we achieved in all these years, leaded us to a very specialized niche: corporate identity clothing. Supplying collections like James Harvest, Printer, Mac One, Jingham, Pro Job, DAD and Grizzly and having a network of 14 resellers, nationwide, we became the biggest corporate clothing supplier in Romania.
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ISO Certificates


  • 2016

    The largest investment of the year was made for the acquisition of two industrial buildings in the vicinity of the already existing ones on the Incontro Platform. Once this real estate extension has been completed, our production and storage capacity have increased, and thus the required logistics and the development of technological flow are now available to us for all new projects that we have undertaken in the past few years. Many years ago, our company began operating with smaller projects, but by providing excellent quality and with dedicated approach, the agreements we have signed with our customers have increased the trust they have to recommend us to new leads. The annual ISO certifications and the extension by 10 years of our “ARTMATCH SALES MANAGER” trademark consistently shows the confidence of all our stakeholders.

  • 2015

    Slowly but steadily, we continued turning the projects into in-house projects and increasing the number of qualified personnel by developing a new department within the company. The company continued to equip the factory with the latest equipment and machinery, SPOT WELDING ROBOT, CNC CUTTING TABLE, MILLING, CNC POLYSTYRENE CUTTING MACHINE, so that in a short period of time, diversification of a very large range of products was completed. We equipped and grew 2 new departments, having concentrated on the wooden furnishing and metal departments. Studying our service offer, one can notice that all stages of complex works are covered: starting with proposing solutions, drawing up designs and turning them into reality.

  • 2014

    2014, January, Timisoara - In ARTMATCH facilities is delivered and installed the biggest automatic screen printing machine, with four groups of colors, processing UV ink. Having a new production capacity, dramatically increased, we are able to handle more and bigger projects.

    2014, July, Timisoara - A laser cutting and engraving machine with a power 750 W, is the latest addition to complete ARTMATCH technical systems fleet.

    ARTMATCH continued to carry out projects that had already been undertaken and acquired new machinery throughout the entire year. We are a young team oriented on generating constructive ideas, always being in search of interaction and always looking for total fulfillment of the requirements received from customers by providing high quality services for them. A new electric dyeing line, A PRESS BREAK and a Laser were purchased. We have implemented a comprehensive IT project which included AN INTEGRATED ERP SYSTEM, SERVERS, PALM, UPS’S, CORELDRAW GRAPHICS DESIGN SOFTWARE, ADOBE CREATIVE DESIGN SOFTWARE, IMG PAINTSHOP PRO X7 PROCESSING SOFTWARE, a project that has made the working environment smoother thus allowing the ARTMATCH team to take on any challenge.

  • 2013

    HP Scitex FB 7600, the most technologically advanced printer in the world, joins the digital printers fleet that can be found in the production department.

  • 2012

    2012, Germany, Oberhausen - The first major mounting project contracted outside Romanian borders for a Hornbach store, with all of the elements produced for the location from Timisoara. A great success which is going to repeat again and again. Our production site and mounting team will be praised and other stores from all around Europe will be provided with products and mounting supplied by ARTMATCH.

  • 2011

    2011 is the year in which the company acquires various equipment (routers, thermoforming, carpentry machines) in order to expand the range of products for the retail industry.

  • 2010

    At the beginning of 2010, the company opens the sales office from Bucharest, the main purpose being the control of the local market and to develop and exploit the activities from Bulgaria. The summer of 2010 marks the acquisition of a 3000 sqm new building and a colossal step to the next phase of our company evolution.

  • 2009

    In 2009, at headquarters has opened a new office wing, increasing storage capacity and production.

  • 2008

    2008, January, Timisoara - ARTMATCH starts the project for expanding their warehousing capacities.

    2008, February, Dusseldorf - The company is attending EuroShop Dusseldorf, the biggest fair in the world for shop-fitting and retail infrastructure. It is the first Romanian company to attend this event.

    2008, May, Timisoara - The company expands its range of production activities by investing in a high-resolution screen printing department, which is currently in the top three places in Romania in terms of print quality and capacity.

    2008, November, Budapest - At the end of year is founded ARTMATCH Hungary, the second foreign subsidiary company. Although a child of crisis, the Hungarian branch proves to be a successful project by getting in a very short time a large portfolio of clients both in retail and FMCG.

  • 2007

    2007, May, Timisoara - ARTMATCH operates the first technology imports for plastic sheet processing. In June, the company operates the delivery of the first products ever produced by it’s own. It is a PET display, produced for British American Tobacco Romania.

    2007, June, Belgrade - the first abroad branch is being opened in Belgrade. The company prepares for releasing SALES MANAGER ® catalog.

    2007, August, Timisoara - The investment is finished and the company moves in the new headquarters. ARTMATCH becomes the first supplier on the market with it’s private warehousing and production facilities. The range of customers expands, especially with companies from FMCG area.

  • 2006

    2006, February, Timisoara - ARTMATCH has been managing stocks in its own warehouse, becoming the first specialized Romanian supplier able to make deliveries in 48 hours anywhere in the country.

    2006, July, Timisoara - ARTMATCH operates with it’s first shop-fitting team a face lift to Profi pilot store, in Timisoara. The project is approved and in the next three weeks, working only by night, two teams change the complete display systems in all 24 Profi stores. It is the quickest face-lift operated to a complete chain in the Romanian retail.

  • 2005

    2005, May, Constanta - ARTMATCH fully equipped with furniture the first Penny store in Romania, opened in Constanta. The partnership for shop-fitting with REWE continues through the years.

    2005, November, Timisoara - ARTMATCH press start button for the first big investment. A piece of land is being purchased with the plan to build warehousing, office and production facilities.

  • 2004

    2004, March, Sinaia - The first edition of SALES MANAGER ® is released to the market, during the Progresiv Conference in Sinaia. The event becomes a tradition and a benchmark for the Romanian retail industry.

    2004, November, Luebeck, Germany - ARTMATCH starts a partnership with the German shelving producer STOREbest. The German company is in fully expansion process on European market and ARTMATCH seems to be the right company to handle this expansion in Romania.

  • 2003

    2003, May, Bucharest - ARTMATCH release to the market James Harvest Sportswear collection during the Reclama Fair, at the Parliament Palace.

    2003, November, Brasov - ARTMATCH becomes the official supplier for Selgros Romania, status that remains unchanged even today. The first shop equipped is in Oradea, in the western area of the country.

  • 2002

    2002, September, Bucharest - ARTMATCH is attending Pro Shop, the only fair in Romania specialized in shopfitting. The exhibited products are generating quite a lot of interest from an emerging market.

    2002, October, Sibiu - The first deliveries to Univers’All supermarket chain.

  • 2001

    2001, August, Timisoara - www.artmatch.ro is being launched. The website is later modified to www.artmatch.net.

  • 2000

    2000, August, Timisoara - The company operates the first delivery to a retail chain. Profi - the discounter division of Delhaize Group becomes the first customer from the retail industry, followed by more that 300 others by time passing.

  • 1999

    1999, March, Timisoara - ARTMATCH becomes the official distributor of Swedish Match for Romania. The worldwide leader in advertising matches production has now in Romania a reliable partner.

  • 1998

    1998, December, Timisoara - Local authorities are releasing the registration certificate for ARTMATCH, so the 21st of December becomes our company’s birthday.