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We like to think that we do not deliver simple products, but complete projects. That's because most of the times, our input as a supplier goes beyond the boundaries of what the simple production is. Our 16 years of experience are opening new horizons for each new request coming from a client. We are rather a provider of integrated solutions capable of delivering turnkey solution for any retail and FMCG.


The communication gadgets as stoppers and liners and the secondary positioning displays are the main instruments for the modern trade-marketing and the fact that dozens of companies from FMCG, the market leaders on various product categories, are working with us for years is the result of our...


A point of sale is a quite complex structure, and organizing it must consider a lot of details. The entry spot, the size and position of the corridors, customer flow and orienting it to the cash desks, all these are elements to be considered when designing a store, because shop fitting does not...

Commercial Furniture

Opposite to the domestic furniture, the commercial one has to meet higher expectations. Durability, funcional design and cost-efficiency are not just stories in a marketing speach, but crucial elements defining a first class commercial furniture.

Specialized Stores

Quite opposite to the general commerce, the specialized one presume focusing of the sales effort to a single cathegory of products or, sometimes, on just one brand. Due to these reasons, approaching of such a concept is totally different. We, here at ARTMATCH, know this and act as a consequence...

In-Store Communication

The in-store communication is the key element in the marketing strategy of a retailer. Starting from the price labels, special offers, promotions and continuing with the displays or ambiental prints, all are produced in our premises and delivered  in stores around Romania and Europe.

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