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Modular metal furniture

Modular metal furniture, electrostatic painted is the most appropriate form of presentation and storage of goods in commercial spaces. The units shown below are divided into two categories: wall shelves and gondolas. Wall shelves are arranged on one side, while gondolas have one row of shelves on both sides. The base units are equipped with two uprights with foot and can be used individually, while expansion units are provided with one upright with foot, being used in the extension of a basic unit for composition of rows. For example, to build a gondola of 10 meters, we need a basic unit of 100 cm and nine extension units of the same length. The various lengths available are used to adapt metal furniture to current conditions in space and cost efficiency. Thus, a row of 10 meters consisting of 8 units of 125 cm will have a better price than a row of the same length from 10 units to 100 cm. Standard colors that we can deliver for these roducts are white RAL 9010 or light gray RAL 7035. The arrangement of shelves on any of the units presented can be set at any level with 6 cm steps.