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The development path of our company is quite complex and it took us naturally in the area of retail related services. This way, our customer can benefit of specialised design, planning, installation, shop-fitting or different other specialized services. In time, many new colleagues joined our team: mounting guys, engineers, project managers or team leaders, that now creates one bonded team, ready to face any challenge. Few of them you already know and the rest you will get to know surfing this site.

Design and Planning

Modern, uber specialized trade requires special furniture. Quite often it happens that our customers ask for our support for designing non-standard furniture elements. We may speak about unusual sizes or materials or even specific functionalities, the specialized furniture cannot be improvised....

Store Fitting

Sometimes, our customers are asking our support for complete store fittings, basically, we get an empty space, where we enter with a full crew and when we are done, we deliver a finished store. We...


Mounting shelving or customer guidance requires technical knowledge and a lot of attention.

More than that, all should be done against the clock, so having experienced guys in the team and...

Service and Maintenance

The check-out tables or the access gates are quite complex machines, designed to perform in extreme mechanical stress and running 10 to 12 hour per day. They must face the daily store traffic. Given these conditions, when service is needed, the shortest the time for intervention, the better....

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