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  • Flat pack displays

    13 February 2018
    — 866 views Cardboard displays Flat Pack
  • Shelf management systems

    28 November 2017
    — 627 views Accesories Shelf management
  • Modular displays systems

    02 November 2017
    — 541 views Modular displays X-module
  • Suspended deco profile

    27 October 2017
    — 462 views Ceiling suspension Price display
  • Portable sampling stand

    03 October 2017
    — 155 views Product presentation Sampling table
  • Baskets for fast and comfortable shopping

    06 July 2017
    — 108 views Baskets Trolleys

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By operating in four EU countries, we can honestly claim that we are an European partner for the retail environment. Regardless of our future expansion, what distinguishes us is our unique and true mission, being your reliable business partner.
We are a company with passionate people focused on helping our customers to sell better - by providing in-store, commercial, cost-effective, dedicated and responsible communication solutions.

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