Looking for a bottle or can display rack? 

Then you are at the right address.

No bottle is the same, so customisation is needed and we have over 20 years experience with customised displays in all types and sizes.

Our aim si to surprise you with a customised design that maches your brand.

Just take a look at the following examples.

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Product highlighter - a real eyecatcher that consumers simply can't ignore. 

Attract attention to your brand or promote key product lines. Perfect for use as bar displays or to promote a new line of beverages. 

Gravity dispenser - to be attached on the shelf edge.

A great way to keep the products rolling.

The gravity dispenser for cans is a space efficient display which also aids stock rotation. 

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Modular cardboard display - sell more of your products while gaining brand recognition.

Cardboard is the new industry standard: flat-delivered, lightweight and cost effective. 

Boat display  

A wooden display has an attactive warm look that gives your product something extra.

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