Suspended deco profile

The Deco A5 profile is probably the most effective way of displaying prices and promotions in small and medium sized retail spaces. It is an optimal product for markets, pet shops or pharmacies.

Odoo image and text block

This system allows you to display A5 portrait and A4 landscape prints, on both sides. The practical advantage of this display system is the ease with which commercial workers can change prints and the high visibility for customers.
The profile can be easily suspended with the accessory collection on any type of ceiling regardless of height. The light weight makes it perfect for the commercial spaces that are equipped with standard false ceiling structures.


LPP 050-01

Profile DECO A5, front/back.

  •  Compatible with A5 portrait and A4 landscape prints;
  •  Available lengths: 1200 mm, 1250 mm, 1330 mm;
  •  Color: Red RAL 3020;

 Price: 8.16 EURO / pc (length 1200 mm)

 Price: 8.50 EURO / pc (length 1250 mm)

 Price: 9.06 EURO / pc (length 1330 mm)


 LAP 039-01

  •  Plastic cap for DECO A5 profiles;
  •  Color: Red RAL 3020;

 Price: 0.31 EURO / pc


 LAP 037-01

  •  Interconnecting accessory for DECO A5 profiles;
  •  Color: Red RAL 3020;

 Price: 0.33 EURO / pc


LAP 038-01

  •  Plastic hook for hanging DECO profiles;
  •  Color: Red RAL 3020;

 Price: 0.14 EURO / pc


LPM 038-2918

  •  Suspension chain K10;
  •  Galvanized wire;
  •  50 m / roll;

 Price: 19.45 EURO / roll


LPM 014-2918

  •  A double sided hook rod;
  •  Length: 500 mm;
  •  Can be used as an alternative for the K10 chain suspension;

 Price: 11.50 EURO / 100 pcs


LPM 019-2918

  • Galvanized steel, double clamp hook suspension rod  of 1.6 mm for hanging from a suspended ceiling with 40 mm wide tiles;

 Price: 3.61 EURO / 100 pcs


LPM 034-2918

  •  A "C" shaped hook for hanging;
  •  Length: 39 mm;
  •  Galvanized;

 Price: 2.66 EURO / 100 pcs

  • The prices mentioned in this material are valid only when purchasing a complete Deco system, while stocks last.
  • If stocks or orders are exhausted or do not contain all the elements of the system, the prices will undergo some changes.
  • Delivery will take place within 48-72 hours of a firm order.