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  • The product colors, as well as the images, are only for visual presentation. Products may look a bit different in reality.
  • Prices does NOT include VAT and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Delivery condition included in the prices: ExWorks Timisoara, Romania.
  • Minimum order value is 100 EUR without VAT. Orders with values below 100 EUR will not be confirmed.
  • Orders with values below 150 EUR without VAT are subject to a processing fee of 10 EUR + VAT.
  • The non-EU countries might experience higher prices due to import/export duties, available on the Serbian version of our website.

The product presented is just a model design.
The graphic design of the model will be changed according to your needs after you placed your order.

Description :

Outer overall dimensions:
width: 220mm
depth: 235mm
height: 210mm (without header)
standard header: 160x220mm (visible)

Inner shelf dimensions:
width: 70mm
depth: 75mm
height bottom tray: 40mm

Maximum shelf load: 4 kg
Material: corrugated cardboard 1,5 mm
Print: full print (orange areas)

- Individual box:
345x255x30mm - 0,27 kg
- One pallet (shown above): 450 pcs, 144 kg, 800x1200x1695mm [the pallet height may vary, depending of the specific truck requirements]

Prices EXW Timisoara:
- 225 pcs: 7.64 €/pcs
- 450 pcs: 6.4 €/pcs
- 900 pcs: 7.3 €/pcs
- 1350 pcs: 7.28 €/pcs
- 2250 pcs: 7.26 €/pcs
- 4500 pcs: 7.16 €/pcs

Prices EXW Munchen:
• 225 pcs: 8.07 €/pcs
• 450 pcs: 7.62 €/pcs
• 900 pcs: 7.47 €/pcs
• 1350 pcs: 7.44 €/pcs
• 2250 pcs: 7.42 €/pcs
• 4500 pcs: 7.30 €/pcs

What is included in the price:
- the flat folded display individually packed in a brown carton box
- assembly instructions
- pallet packaging

Optional (not included in the prices):
- header in different shape & format
- clear shelf liners to attach price labels


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